We offer the following safety-, health-, quality-, security- and environmental management training courses: Management Coaching Course (SHE) ½ day. Management Training in Occupational Health and Safety. Office ergonomics training course Wor

Auditing existing safety system ensuring compliance to own set standards.

Our consultants boast the utmost competency in any audit performed at any industry or company. We have the qualifications of not only compliancy with the Occupational health and Safety Act but also matters concerning Environmental, Mining and Constru

Occusaf has always been able to provide a fully compliant health and safety system to ensure the compliance of a company to help procedures flow effectively in the event of an incident/ accident. We pride ourselves in the fact that we

Risk Assessments are always done before any safe work procedures can be determined to be able to contribute to an effective health and safety system at all organisations we service. We also provide Fire Risk Assesments.

Implementation of safe work procedures and Best Operating Practices are a necessity when any Risk Assessment has been performed for any company. Therefore, to be able to introduce any efficient health and safety system it is of the utmost impor

As with any effective health and safety system it is of the utmost importance to be able to train all staff with the relevant training required to be able to help not only co-workers but also any staff in the sufficient understanding of an effec

Our health and safety officers are not only competent to be able to provide on site regulations and systematic performance according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 based on the construction regulations but are also able to

Occusaf, as the provider of integral health and safety systems, with many projects has been priveleged enough to be involved with one of South Africa's most important project - the 2010 Soccer World Cup!!! and we pride ourselves in the fact

Occusaf your leader in the provision of complete and ongoing health and safety systems

Occusaf provides added services for example management of Health and Safety Representatives as well as consultancy on an ongoing basis to provide your company with complete information so as to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85,19

Our organisation being part of a team dedicated to full compliance to the occupational law are affiliated with many companies who share the same values as we do. Providing training and consultancy on an ongoing basis at the best rates makes our

Not only do we provide our clients with the best health and safety implementation plans on an ongoing basis, but our infrastructure makes it possible for us to assist our clients in any external audits they might have. Thus giving our clients the nee

Our Safety Health and Environmental Plan includes a comprehensive agreement needed when appointing contractors to work on site or on your premises.

Acting as your personal SHEQ Officer by actually managing and running your health and safety programme on an ongoing basis – doing the duties of a safety officer

This course provides the following content: *   An overview off the SHE programme *   A detailed exposition of the integrated SHE systems *   Factors causing incidents *   Monitoring the integrated SHE sys